Hong Lim Volunteers' Service Group

The more we care for the elderly, the greater our need to better our services, with this in mind, in 1992 we began to network with other agencies which are providing service for the elderly in Chinatown.

Our good friend, Hua Mei Mobile Clinic has been providing medical assistance to our elderly since they started their service annd in return we include their elderly inn our list for weekly visit and service.

Another good old friend of our, the Docas (formerly known as Presbyterian Welfare Service) which provide meal service and Home Care service for the elderly help us with providing meal to the homebound elderly on the days we are not cooking and we also include any of their elderly who need our service.

At present we are working with Lionsbefrienders closely to provide better service to the elderly.

As such, we also try to reach out to different organizations and invite them to be our partners either on an ad-hoc basis or regularly. Take for example, for the past 5 years, the staff recreation club of the Housing and Development Board (HDB) have been organizing outings for our elderly. This provides additional opportunities for the elderly to enjoy the different attractions of Singapore. Most importantly, such partnerships demonstrated to the elderly that they are not been ignored and there are people out there who show care and concern towards them.


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