Hong Lim Volunteers' Service Group
[ Home Visitation ]

Our volunteers are divided in to 6 different zones looking after about 30 elderly each. We visit them weekly on a fixed timing. The purpose of the visits is to maintain a regular contact so that they can turn to us for help if needed. Common help that we render include reminding them of medical appointments, ensuring that they take their medicines if they are on medication, helping them to repair simple electric appliances, telling them important happenings around us, as well as helping them to read letters.

The visitation timing by the various groups are indicated in the slide. You are welcome to choose a timing that is more suitable to you and join us in our home visitations.

Timing for Home Visitations

Wed: 7pm - 9pm - Banda 3
Sat: 2pm - 5pm - Banda 6
    Chin Swee 51 & 52
Sun: 2pm - 5pm - Jalan Kukoh
    York Hill


[ Festive Celebrations ]

As majority of our elderly are Chinese and they are very traditional, we tried to bring back their happy memories in the past by celebrating together with them the 3 most important Chinese festivals of the year – Chinese New Year, Dumpling Festival and Mooncake Festival. These celebrations are organised annually by our volunteers. A typical programme usually involves performances such as songs, sketches and games. Most important of all, we will also arrange for food to be catered so that the elderly can also enjoy a hot meal while watching the performances.


[ Outings - Elderly ]

As we try our best to inject life into their otherwise, quite uneventful lifestyle, we work closely with our partners to organize outings for the elderly such as visiting places of interest. Sometimes, we may also get invitations from companies and social groups to bring our elderly to restaurants to enjoy a delicious meal.


[ Others ]

Depending on the talents of the volunteers that join us, we try to provide creative but relevant services to the elderly. At the moment, we have a volunteer who helps the elderly to cut hair on a regular basis. We are also exploring other services and look forward to individuals who have a particular skill that can benefit the elderly to join us.
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